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ASU Adventures: Like a moth to Light

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It was the dark nights I liked best, sitting in my apartment up high on the 2nd floor, the summer heat wave soothing my smooth body.  I loved it best.  I loved the freedom, the rolled smokes, the orange street lights.  Breathing next to me, the body of a fine man… smooth skin, tatted over muscles.  Bodies like Gods and Goddesses.  No clear light internally, simply a shining front, but in the meantime, an enjoyment of fleshly pleasures.  No need to lie, just simple and truthful, a mixing of flesh.  It wasn’t necessarily the stroke that was the most provocative really, it was, lol, well, the girth that was simply, amazing.  He was the reason lesser dudes got played…


Author: Filiz

Growth, spirituality, science, philosophy!

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