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One Blood

The era of divine empowerment                                                               The era of light and transcendence

Our powers, progress, prowess, combine to overcome the stagnant static energy of the past.  Gathering forces, we forge a new way in the light- a new era.  

Through the enlightening and illumination

of our inner selves

we are chosen to guide others through,

to the path of light.

Through this epic global transformation, we discard old beliefs and unbalanced masculine and feminine energies- to create a NU wave, a wave of balanced powers.  A wave of feminine.

We are the centers and caretakers of our homes, we are the bedrock and the literal foundation of civilization.


Insofar as your work, research, painful labor and growth; Your choices, that have lead you to be your own master, I must commend yourself for that!  And you know, as well as I do, that in our own mastery and growth- we have leaned on others, heard wisdom, inherited understanding, and have been blessed enough to have the love and guidance of another wise woman (and men).

And so, with Divine Guidance, and through the birth of our community, I ask you to share your divine light and guidance with others.

The others are seeking you out, and I ask that you be there for them in light and love, be available, and be seen.

One Blood is physical manifestation of our spells… Our wisdom. Our knowledge. Our guidance.

One Blood is the physical manifestation of our spells

Its creation will not be in silence.  Much like our own labors, it will be celebrated, declared, and loud

As the Vision unfolds, it will be in private coaching, in retreats, in conventions, in towns and cities, all across the globe, and you are destined to be a part of it.

This is your story too.  Your rise, your empire, your domain, your dominance.  Sharing with you will be legendary.  Our rise will is glorious, as is our mark.


The world has us to behold.

Current Issues under development:

1. Survivors of Abuse: The Therapy

2. Eating for Earth: The Future of Mammalian Kind

3.  A Gathering of Queens…

And so much more to come.  Each month will have a seperate issue.  Each issue will unfold “in the real world”.  The magazine is created through expression here on Earth, not just in ‘thoughts’- through actual manifestation, creation, and collaboration.

Ladies, this is just the beginning.  Each issue will hold live events corresponding its topic.  This is the Vision, Well, Why don’t we explore visually!


Envision your Brand celebrating with us and fans here, at the Las Vegas Red Rock Hotel’s Penthouse: Suite One-Eighty!  Check out the views!


Check out more penthouse pix here

Conventions will be held in their relevant locations

We're going around the world ladies

We’re going around the world baby


Colorado will be the site where we take a look at our planet’s current condition, and what we can do- Action Steps!

Celebrate your essence in style in Costa Rica with us!

Celebrate your essence in style in Costa Rica with us! A sneak peak into “The Gathering of Queens”

Well, I can’t spoil all the surprises!  

This is YOU.  This is where you are supposed to be.  There is a reason you are reading this.  You are ready to manifest and create.  That is our mission and our purpose.  You are an integral part of this new era, and as a leader you have many opportunities at your feet!  Many blessings to you and your time!

I am casting into creation… Play your role

Also, I promise these are the introductory rates- please act now and level up your game ladies.


Solaris (Filiz) Cruse

PS- Step through the fear, you are Divine Essence!

PPS- Check out what you get as a sponsor!

You are in good company…

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