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Rejuv: Vibrancy in Vegas


Insight into your life, energetics, and soul.

What is your purpose?  What is holding you back?

How can you come back into your alignment with your purpose?

How can you find much needed peace and flow in your life?

Rejuvinate your sexual energies, flow with your body.


Recover. Rest.  Relax. Revitalize.


Project Rejuv: Vibrancy in Vegas

Come get your juices flowing again in the fabulous, luxurious Las Vegas.

Available Dates: July 15th, 17th, and 19th

Payment: $1764 or two payments of $942

Your Itinerary:

1.  Come to Vegas, Get your Relax + Swag on!

2.  Late Pre-ritual to get the proper energetics for the next day

3.  Wake up and eat High Energy Fuel

4.  Get ready and head to our 4 hour session at the Red Rock Poolside Cabana (Lunch Included)

5.  Leave our session revitalized & renewed.

6.  45 minute, bi-weekly tele-coaching sessions to follow up for 4 months (leading you into great health and vibrancy right before the holidays)

From my Heart to Yours, I look forward to our quest and your revitaliazation.  You owe it to yourself-

I will speak with you and give you pre-session worksheets so that we can hit the ground running in Las Vegas.  This will give me a background of your history, where your at, what your struggling with, and how I can most assist you.

Click for One-Payment Option of $1764

Click for One-Payment Option of $1764

Click for Two-Payments of $952


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