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One Blood: Our First Issue

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The inspiration for my magazine’s First Issue:

Survivors of Abuse: The Therapy 

Let us bring this reality to light.  It is often hidden and swept away into the dark. You and I have the power to shine the light upon this awful and painful subject, and we can journey together with talented healers, coaches, and transformers so that we may blossom and shine as we were meant to. 

I am honored to share this journey with you.

Please Share it for me. At this point, I’m thinking the publication will be live Next Year in April (4/2014).

I will be giving away 400 Copies of the magazine away for free, or you can get the Exclusive Preorder Package for the magazine for only $20.00.

When you get the Exclusive Preorder Package, you will be the first to get the magazine, and it will be signed by me. But BEST of all you get access to private parties and events with me around the US and world (Phoenix, Denver, Miami, Las Vegas…) and you will get behind the scenes photos~

If you attend in person, this is a great photo opportunity for you and your company too! (email me to discuss personal/business sponsorships)  Come hang out with the Hip Hop Community, The Conscious Community and fabulous models.

Receive this shining, glossy, high vibrational goodness at your door

This year I will be travelling the world to discover this journey, please subscribe to the blog here to stay connected to what is happening.

~ Survivors of Abuse: The Therapy – One Blood Vol. 1 Issue:1

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Visiting Colorado in June – Grounding, Centering





Las Vegas, NV – Luxury + Pleasure

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