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Telepathy- The Family Plan

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The movement of technological progress is immense yet our humanity as we know it is at risk.  It is a part of our voluntary evolution.

It is only a matter of time before we reincorporate nanotechnology, computer systems, and ‘internet’ in our bodies.  And I say reincorporate because this idea is a meme and it HAS been done before.

Why am I so sure? The internet will not ALLOW itself to be shut off.  It is run by our need to be social and connect, thus it will always be created as a method for us to communicate more effectively, easily, and fully.  Therefore, it will always thrive.

Telepathy.  What does it mean?  It means nanites broadcasting virtual facebook in your mind.  Virtual Reality merged with real life.

It means you and your loved ones have a family program which allows you to send messages back and forth with one-another, and leave digital notes- perhaps a glowing green ball with a note within it once you ‘click’ on it- Or perhaps a video explaining where dinner is when your husband comes to a certain area in the kitchen- BUT that will probably depend on the plan and service provider you have…


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