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How to Raise Nutritionally Superior Kids!

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How to raise nutritionally superior kids~


  1. Take Folic Acid
  2. Take Multivitamins
  3. Take DHA, Omega 3s
  4. Stay away from Hotdogs, Deli meats, and other processed meats- They can damage DNA!
  5. Don’t Drink, obviously..
  6. Don’t Take anti-depressants, too many have been linked to serious birth defects
  7. Stay away from Drugs (legal and illegal)



Once your baby is born, Nurse your child!

The composition of your milk is infinitely superior to “formula”, just listen to the name, formula.  Your milk is composed of vitamins, minerals, and proteins specifically to enhance your child’s brain.  Formula is a weak, weak, knock off

Cow’s Milk is for Cows, Human Milk is for Humans

While you are nursing, continue to take multivitamin supplements and Omega 3’s, (3-6)



Once your child begins feeding himself follow these simple guidelines

  1. Gummybear multivitamins
  2. DHA, Omega 3’s, Liquid – make a fruit smoothie and fit some in there, he’ll never know 😉

You can find all of these supplements at your local health store, and maybe even walmart nowadays.

Why multivitamins?  You never know if there is a missing vitamin in your, or your child’s diet, and if there is, there will be detrimental affects.  You should also take multivitamins when you are nursing as your vitamins may become affected

What’s Omega’s and Why?  “Docosa­hexaenoic acid, or DHA, is the most abun­dant omega-3 fatty acid in cell mem­branes in the brain.”1  Your brain is composed of it, and your brain needs it.  Taking it long term will improve the person’s brain, and that’s good enough for me!

Of course, you should be eating a healthy diet, and drastically limiting TV time or no supplements will help you!  Check out Raising Really Smart Kids to scoop out some activities you and your kids can do to boost their brains!

If you have an Ipad, also check out Top 8 Kid’s Apps– it makes a difference, believe me!





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