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The Oriion Academy

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The Oriion Academy is the unification of the leaders of tomorrow.

Our future depends on the next generation and The Oriion Academy (TOA) combines traditional wisdom with cutting edge technology.

Think: IPads and Learning in the Jungle.

Knowledge of technology is not enough, It Is imperative that we teach the fundamentals of philosophical, spiritual, and animalistic existentialism combined with a world view to our children.

Think: Speaking English, French, Spanish, Japanese, and Chinese

Through the unification of tomorrows leaders, worldwide, we can create a new united world for a truly better planet tomorrow.

Check out our Calendar for Events:

Nov. 20th 2-3pm

@ WRCC (The Rec Center) in the Mac Gym

Free to All – A Trail Class

+ Free Holiday Photograph

+ a Chance to schedule an assesment for your child

For Questions, Comments, or More Information About Joining, Fill out the following Form Below


Author: Filiz

Growth, spirituality, science, philosophy!

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