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What is The Devil

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What is the Devil?

Horns, smoke, a pitched fork.  Most people don’t believe in the devil in the literal sense anymore, and I suppose with good reason.  Yet being very spiritual I often have wondered what is the devil?  Does it really exist?

The universe exists in a state or states of Yin and Yang.  Night and day, hot and cold, life and death.  If such a thing as God exists, so must the devil.

In terms of God, one can feel this energy as positive energy.  As a prayer answered, as Yes I am Beautiful, as the birth of your child.  It is the movement of love and the divine, it is the movement of belief.

As such, the Devil has unveiled itself to me; it is a constant negative energy.  A constant reminder you Can’t do it, Your Not Good Enough, They Don’t Deserve it, and Hate.

The Devil is the energy floating through your mind- literally through, like an electric circuit, just like how God travels– and through your body setting you back, causing you to hesitate, causing you to lose faith in yourself and others.

There is a keyword to consider: Faith.

Faith- what does it mean? It means the difference between success and failure. No task can ever be accomplished without some faith.

The Devil amplifies with others, it works through people to bring you down as well. You are still in control and you do not have to partake, yet in the presence and persistence of others it can and will affect you.

The Devil talks about others constantly, it confuses you and allows you to believe you elevate yourself if you put others down.

Get the Negative energy out of your life, transform it to positive.

Be like a River Rock and allow that energy to flow off you, you will be enlightened~


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