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Eating Too Much or Too Little?

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One of the greatest misconceptions in a quest to lose weight is: to not eat.

It seems logical right? You don’t eat, so weight doesn’t get put on you?

Well, your body is soooo much smarter than that!  You see, when you don’t eat, your body thinks food is scarce, so it holds on to the food you eat- how smart is that right?  Imagine being in the jungle or savannah and not catching any prey? You’d sure be thankful that your body is holding on to your fat!

Eating throughout the day is ideal because it keeps your energy levels constant and allows your body to continually process food to make it run efficiently.

Not eating drives your body into a feast/famine cycle, not to mention, when you do eat, you will grab the first thing you can, feeling ‘starving’.

Your body needs to know that it has a constant supply of healthy food on hand, that it can build healthy tissue and muscle, and that it can operate on high without starving!

Eating is a pleasure of life, and it should be treated as such.  You do not need to NOT eat to lose weight, you simply need to eat the right things, that make you feel great.

Go in harmony with your body and eat when you feel hungry, don’t wait until you cannot wait a second longer to eat!  Take time to enjoy the process whether you are eating out or dining in, put joy back into your food.

Take the time to truly FEEL the meal– How does it make you feel after you eat it?  Perhaps it’s making your taste buds jump for joy while in your mouth, but then makes you feel like crap? Start associating the two!

Take time out to feel



Water is an essential part of Eating~

Drink water as soon as you wake up, and throughout your day.

Skip whatever choice of drink you would have once a day, and drink water instead.  It tastes so good! And will make you feel great!

Water will also help you distinguish between being thirsty and hungry, the two feel very similar.

If you feel your mood drop, feel agitated, irritated, perhaps slightly depressed, you could probably use a glass or two of water.

Being dehydrated will make you feel bad very quickly.  And don’t forget- sodas, caffeine, and sugar will make you feel more dehydrated, EVEN if there’s ice in your drink! 🙂

So make sure you get back in touch with your body, one of my favorite random treats throughout the day when I’m hungry is a banana.  I love bananas!

Here’s To Eating!





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