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Business Startup Workshop part 3: Connections


This is Part 3 of the Business Startup Workshop Series!  Make sure to catch the other two great parts to get a full embodiment of successful a business startup


We are all interconnected, and believe me when I tell you that when you have a desire to create something, there is a reason for it. The world needs it.

Your idea is worthless If it is only trapped within your own mind.

Your idea is worthless If it is only trapped within your own mind. You must Bring it forth and expose it. Once you have mapped out your internal dreams and desires, created a space where it can be fostered, it is time to connect to the world in a more real and solid sense.

Your tasks

1. Create a webpage

In today’s day and age, an online presence is essential. You do not have to immediately pay for a webpage, there are plenty of free hosting sites out there, find one that suites your company. An example is

2. Get business cards

Find connected real life stores and post up!  Find businesses where their customers might be interested in what your selling or doing. Post paper brochures with contact info on any bulletins they may have so people can find you and get to know you

3. Host free seminars/samples

Offering something, or a few things for free is critical because it shows people what you have. If you are on a limited budget, you can be the host and talk about what you’re doing, in a passionate way. If you have something your selling such as food or an item, bring free samples. Make sure you bring contact information too. This will get you exposure and perhaps a few customers, but it will get you out in the real world. If you have a bigger budget, you can always hire a promotional staff. Some ideas for places to demo, YMCA, library, in front of or in a grocery store, an event such as a fair, farmers market, health store, you get the idea!

4. Meet up with like minded people

Meet ups (try are a great way to meet people with similar interests. You can talk to them about what you’re doing. You don’t have to be so sales-man-ish. Just be genuine and you don’t even have to mention your business until the time is right, but you will be able to connect with a lot of potential sources for various things. You might learn something, find someone useful, or find a customer. It’s all good!

5. Go to public places and be present

Bring your food truck out to the park. If your tutoring kids professionally, be in a library doing your work. Yoga? Be at a park. embody the essence of what your creating, and share your being.

The 5 People

The tasks above embody one type of connection, however, to be successful you need to connect more fully with the world.

You must connect with fellow professionals. You must connect with people you look up to and can guide you. Remember this, you will be like the 5 people you surround yourself with. This is in terms of health, wealth, and happiness. And to be successful, this is a critical aspect to focus on and improve.

Your Tasks

1. Find a coach

A coach’s job is to help people like you be successful. Not only will she see what you are doing and can improve on it (believe me they are good!), but they will be able to connect you with other people like you! This is so paramount to your success. They will fuel you, inspire you, and support you. Many people talk about a person in their life to be their coach, although in rare cases this may work, I am not particularly for that method. A real, paid, coach’s job is to be on your team and support you, this is what they do full time. A family or friend coach can have many negative aspect such as underlying jealousy, doubt, fear, and/or simply not enough time commitment or experience. You owe it to yourself to get you a higher caliber coach, and although some can be expensive, there are many amazing coaches with reasonable prices. And this is an investment for yourself and developing yourself- a great investment.

Find someone who you vibe with. Feel them out for a month. Are they active in the community? Do they give back? Can you relate to them? Choosing the right coach is important. My personal favorite is Gina Devee ( She has free coaching calls every Monday and is absolutely amazing. She inspires me and drives me forth through my ditches and valleys, and inspires me even on mountain tops.

2. Find a Spiritual Guide

Spirit is able to divulge in areas where the mind is not.  It is able to inspire in the darkest of times, and shine so brightly as a guide for all of humanity.  I refer not to any particular religion, I refer to inner connectedness with life, people, animals, the essence of our planet and the magic of our universe.  Everyone is different but the underlying principles are the same.  Find a spiritual mentor who is active in the community, offers free information, is accessible and motivating.  This person is also so important in your arsenal so choose wisely with your heart!  My personal mentor, Laura Hollick ( shes amazing!

3. On the way up…

Through meeting people in person, you will and should find others who are motivated as you are who are on their way up to the “top”.  Connect with these people!  Invite them over for dinner, go on a jog with them, and help each other out to succeed.  You will hopefully find more than one person that you vibe with in such a sense and make it a point to text them, call them, and hang out with them in particular.  It will raise your focus to your goals, and eliminate people/talk/situations, that do nothing for you!


I hope that you are having fun in building your business, because that’s what it’s all about.  This is your life, and why waste it with things that don’t serve you.  Surround yourself with people who better you, situations and places that inspire you, and give back to the community what you are supposed to!

There are many ways you can expand on these areas, and if you need more assistance, you can always contact me.

Join the Business Start-up Workshop’s today for more tips and to connect with others!

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