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Top 8 Kids Apps Games

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What are some of the best apps for kids?

This is The Oriion Academy’s Favorites!

With so many apps out there it can be hard to decide which ones are worthwhile and what’s trash. Below is a mix of free and paid apps, all invaluable to education and learning. Technology has made advanced concepts so simple to understand in a friendly, fun manner.

Don’t miss out on these apps!


8. ABC Alphabet Phonics – Preschool Kids Game Free Lite. 

(Free, ages 1 1/2+)

This game is awesome.  You will hear the lady say a letter and several letter options pop up.  Although I can’t confirm it, I think it gets harder as your child gets the answers right with more letter options.  I can’t tell you how it’s made me feel seeing my 2 year old get every answer right.  Pretty Awesome.  There are more features on it such as recording your own voice and such, but I never used them.

Visit ABC Alphabet Phonics – Preschool Kids Game Free Lite


7. Timmy’s Preschool Adventure

(Free Version, Full for $1.99, ages 1+)

This is a perfect first adventure game for kids.  I got this for my son when he was about 1 1/2 or so.  I haven’t found a better adventure game for him yet, but he likes this one even though I thought the graphics needed a little help 😉

He gets to guide “Buddy” to school, crossing a bridge, figuring out patterns, coordinating colors with keys, and putting banana puzzles together.  The way to school is different every time.  Once he gets to school, he gets to pick from different games such as coloring (free version), playing bongos, talking into a cave (last two are in the paid version), and more.  Overall, he has played this game for months (six or more) and learnt a bunch of new things, I think that’s a pretty well spent two dollars!

Visit Timmy’s Preschool Adventure in the App Store Here


6. Shapes Toddler Preschool

(Free, ages 1+)

At first I thought this game was cheesy and boring, but… my kid loves it! It’s free too, and educational so what can I say.  This is one of the first games he used to play on my iPhone, and it was a great starter game to get him to understand to touch things on the screen and ‘things happen’- the way you want them to.

My son knows all his shapes because of this game

There are four sections, stickers, quizzing, flashcards, and toybox (mini-games).  My son has so many stickers there isn’t any room left on the sticker page!  The most visited section for us was the toybox, and here he gets to pop balloons- yay- and shapes fall out.  They are random shapes each time, and kids love balloons.  After they fall out of the balloon with a proper introduction to each shape, you can drag them to a cannon.  Then, you get to put the shapes on a train as you select each of them.  Lastly, they fall off the train and turn into blocks and the game is repeated with new shapes.

At each touch the shape’s name is mentioned, and kids learn all too easily.  I like the music this game has, I must say 🙂 

My son knows all his shapes because of this game, including hexagons and pentagons, squares and rectangles.  Great game!

Visit Shapes Toddler Preschool


5. Akzara

($0.99, ages 1 1/2+)

I love this game!  This is teaching my now 2 year old how to spell words! And it works. I’m not getting paid by these people, I promise- I’m just so excited by technology.  I’m not sure when I downloaded this app so I don’t know what age he started it at, but I think close to 2 years old.  I believe this game will also get months of play.

This is teaching my now 2 year old how to spell words!

It upgrades difficulty as your child gets the answers correct; awesome!   He has to drag the correct letter into the open letter slot(s).  As it gets harder, there will be more open slots.  If you click on the animal, it does a cute little animation.

Visit Akzara in the App Store Here


4. i learn with iBoing: Ice Land Adventures! HD 

($2.99, 1 1/2 ages+)

This is an alphabet based game with three mini-games.  Phonics, letter recognition, and word building.  I love the letter recognition, where you have to pick the right letter and a polar bear slides down with an ice cream cone holding the letter, the wrong letter gets you no action.  As your baby answers correctly, the difficulty increases.

The Phonics section is subpar, where you shoot snowballs with letters on them.  It’s not clear what your trying to do, and there is no apparent penalty for wrong answers.

The word building section is good as well, simple and direct.  You drag the letters in the correct neccesary spot.  Pretty good, but not as good as Azkara’s word building.

Visit Ice Land Adventure 


3. Monkey Preschool LunchBox!

($0.99, ages 1+)

Probably the first or second game I bought, I was nervous spending 99 cents on an app!  However, my son has probably played this game for nearly a year!  Talk about a great buy.

Monkey Preschool LunchBox is pretty awesome and great for younger kids.  It has simple basic concepts in a fun, friendly manner.  Games include colors, numbers, matching, letter recognition, and puzzles all in a fruit fashion!  They are not complex, they are all introductory and fun.  When an incorrect response is selected, the monkey shakes his head and makes a ‘no’ sound.  Its a fast paced game in the sense that the mini-games change often, and the kids get stickers.  It’s really fun to watch your baby learn, attempt, and get it right!

Visit Monkey Preschool LunchBox Here


2. Mermaid Waters: Preschool Math Game and Story Adventure

(Free with games purchasable from $0.99-$3.99 , ages 1 1/2+)

This game is so awesome. There are few apps as cool as this one!  This app will teach your kid things you can’t, that’s because it’s able to combine graphics with concepts in a single step fashion.

This app will teach your kid things you can’t

Mermaid Waters breaks down numbers simply and quickly.  There are little geysers that pop out pearls with numbers on it, say, 1 or 2, and with the same amount of pearls coming out the geysers.  It has number recognition, basic addition concepts, less/more concepts, and bigger/smaller concepts.

This game has a free version with a few levels on it, why not give it a go and you’ll see what I’m talking about.  My son has learnt so many numbers on here.  The game is really fun, addictive, and is action-like with nice graphics.  Also, there are no rewards for pressing the wrong answers.  You may want to sit down with your child and show him what numbers correlate with what word in the game so he can get a start on it.

why not give it a go and you’ll see what I’m talking about

This game breaks down addition so simply, it’s hard to express how awesome this little game is, very worth buying and checking out.

Visit Mermaid Waters: Preschool Math Game and Adventure Story


1. Agnitus

(Free, ages 2+)

Wow! It’s Icky!  This game is definately number 1, although we have a list of amazing invaluable helper games.  It just has features that make it stand out.

As your child masters the games, the difficulty increases

I’m not sure how many total games there are on here, it starts with 4 games, and 2. ‘fun’ time games- play and pick toys, and shower time for Icky.  The starting games are popping correct color balloons, picking the right fruits, matching animals, and matching shapes.

As your child masters the games, the difficulty increases, and guess what… he gets access to totally new games! These new games are made to challenge your child in different ways than the original games hes played.  Also within the original games, the difficulty once again changes.  For example, in the matching animals game, the animal ‘cards’ move locations!  At first I thought this was too hard for my son until I watched him do it correctly- wow.

 It also comes with tracking capabilities

Not only does this game have awesome, fun, challenging games, it also comes with tracking capabilities.  You see how well your son has done, what items he always answers correctly/incorrectly, and what percent he has completed on that specific concept.

Once he learns a concept, say shapes, the curriculum expands and a new concept is added.  Yes, it has a curriculum.  You can get email notifications of his work.

Did I mention it’s free? 🙂

Some people wonder why there are ‘no concept’ mini-games in it such as the bath time and toys room, but I mean come-on, everyone needs a little free fun time.

This Game is Awesome!!

Visit Agnitus Here

What are some of your favorite Apps?

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