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Business Startup Workshop Class 2 – Organization and Clarity


This is Class 2 of the Expanding Business Workshop!  If you missed Class 1, you can see it here. Or go to Class 3 when your ready!

So you’ve already grabbed a pen and paper and wrote out all your frustrations, struggles, and difficulties.  You’ve let everything in your mind leak out onto the paper, and let your imagination and intuition guide you to answers.  These papers are invaluable at this point, and make sure you keep them safe.  In fact, why don’t you go to a comfortable spot for you to work in and sit down , and read on.

The first process~ 

Throw it out

Find those old papers you have which you have written your goals on.  The ones you’ve had forever.  Yes, although its memorable, it’s holding you back energetically.  If you’ve accomplished the goals, or it’s a repeated list of timeless goals, or it’s simply holding you back just toss them out.


  1. If you have a hard time parting with a journal, that’s fine to keep it.  But papers that have that stress feeling of what you need to do- usually accompanied with tasks you accomplished (congrats!), throw those out so you can move on


The second process~

Clearing out the Old Energy

The clutter that has been created through envisioning the new you is necessary, however, to proceed to creation we have to make sense of that clutter.  Before we can proceed to do that, we have to get rid of the old.

Don’t horde your energy.

Let the old be thrown into the trash to bring forth the new.  Only a flow of energy will allow you to evolve, make money, and become better.


  1. Finally get rid of old clothes that no longer suite the new you- The money making, confident, business you.  Donate them, do whatever you want, but get them out of your house!
  2. Adopt new language.  Examine the words you use, do they need a change?
  3. What do you eat? Is it putting you on a higher frequency or bringing you down?
  4. Look at your house.  What kind of energy does it put out?  Does it need a face lift?  Cleaning of corners and adjusting of decorations?
  5. Take a shower
  6. Take a walk
  7. Clean up.  Don’t wait for a special occasion, look great everyday, it will make you feel great everyday too


The third process~

Creation of new space

If you work from home, find a space in your residence to work.  This is going to be your sacred workspace.


  1. Clean and clear out your space.  Take everything off the walls, move furniture if necessary, vacuum, clean, and get it to a fresh clean slate.
  2. Bring your mess.  Bring everything of your essence, if you have pictures you love, flowers, rocks, etc bring them all and bring all the recent important papers you wrote from Workshop Class 1.
  3. Whip out the tape or thumbtacks.  Envision your work wall.  What manuscripts will motivate you to where you want to go?  What project ideas do you have?  Organize your wall to display all these things, and create a place to create! Start taping things up!  Don’t get too caught up on location of all your work, this workspace will have moving energy, and old, completed or outdated projects will be removed replace with new ones.
  4. Have Fun!


The fourth process~

Let your Task List fall into place

Now it’s time to bring out the pen and paper again!  As you see your vision before you, what tasks can you do tomorrow morning that will get you a step ahead?  What email can you send out?  What can you post onto craigslist?  What can you research?  Make sure your list is able to be realistically completed in the time frame you give it.


  1. Write a To-Do list for 3-4 days ahead.
  2. Set tomorrow’s To-Do list in front of your computer or workspace so that when the sun rises, you’ll be ready to go!


  • Set your self up for success.  If you need to get breakfast started, put on clothes, or accomplish something before you can start working, make sure you wake up early  enough or complete the tasks the night before

Feel free to share your experience below!

Good Luck!

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