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Business Startup Workshop Class 1 – Imagination and Fear


Make sure to catch the other two great parts to get a full embodiment of a successful and fun business startup!

Organization of the mind is a complex process, and in order to bring forth creation from your mind, you must order several thoughts and processes.  You must work through difficulties and illusionary blocks.  This is key to success.  And, you must have a flexible mind yet set determination.  More than anything else, determination to simply succeed.

The determination to succeed will single handedly take you to your goal

The determination to succeed will single handedly take you to your goal, for through this act you will consistently overcome difficulties in your path, for there will be many.

The first process~

Letting it all out

Before you can even see your vision, your negative self view may be stopping you from seeing what’s really there.

Self doubt.  Lack of confidence and faith.  Fear.  Uncertainty.  These are all emotions we have when we embark on something new and frightening.  They are all something we face at one point or another.

These emotions are an important part of being human, and they are useful.  However, they are at this point only emotions.  You feel these emotions because you are on the brink of growth, like a child, taking his first step.

In order to start the birth of your business, you must get everything that’s inside- out.  Your goals, hopes, fears, frustrations, doubts- everything.

Open up the mental faucet with this exercise.


  1. Grab a pen and paper and begin to write out the following questions and answers.  As you do, allow your subconscious to answer any questions or respond to frustrations- if you can.  It’s OK if you don’t feel any answers or responses yet.
  • What is your business goal?
  • What do you want to accomplish?
  • What kind of work do you want to do, and for how long?
  • Write out ALL of your frustrations- personal and business
  • Write any questions out; ie, what am I going to do with this situation?  How can I make money doing -fill in the blank-?  What do I want?  Why should people trust me?
  • Write out your problems and as you do let your gut answer and solve them as they come to you
  • Write your options; if I do -fill in the blank-, if I don’t -fill in the blank-


  • Use the mind of a child, fearless of consequences
  • Imagine being outside of your body, or not being yourself during trying work
  • Throw yourself in the fire; ie, start the phone call without thinking of exactly what your going to say
  • Consider your fearful and faithless emotions but for a moment, and then work through your problems and tasks with or without feeling them.  Meaning; whether or not you lack confidence in yourself, or are afraid of the task, complete your task anyway.  Keep doing this, then you will realize they no long control you. And by the time you realize that, you will have outgrown the person you were.

Once you are beyond yourself– you can move forth to the realm of imagination and creation

Rule #1.  No Self Defeating Talk

The Second process~


Sure, you’ve heard it before, “Imagination is more powerful than knowledge”, but what does that exactly mean?  It means that if you can imagine something, you can find people and information to fill in the blanks- and bring that vision to life.  However, if you suppress imagination, you cannot create anything!

Everyone has imagination, it is an innate part of being human.  It is what enables us to discover distant planets and stars.  It is what drives forth technological advancements.  It is an underlying creational force in us as a species.

Understand:  Imagination is important to you because it is the vehicle that will drive you from where you are to where you want to go.  It will create new opportunities for you, open new doors, inspire new abilites, and it will color your future life.


Get a piece of paper and something to write with.  Respond as detailed as you can and respond from your heart.

  • Close your eyes and imagine your ideal, successful, beautiful life~
  • Where are you going? What are you wearing.  What are you driving.  What are you doing.  Who do you hang out with.  
  • Write/Draw this down to the best detail you can 

Part 2

  • Imagine a work day in your new business… What kind of phone calls do you receive?
  • Where do you work from?
  • What are your employees like?
  • What are you customers like?
  • Write these down & let your heart respond


  • Don’t be restrained by logic
  • If you have a hard time imagining in general, think about what vacation spot you would like to be at, coming out of what kind of vehicle, having what kind of fan-fare

This exercise is paramount to your fundamentals!  Did you get a surprisingly clear vision of what you would like to be doing?  Did it clear up any doubts on what you should do?  Can you imagine getting phone calls, did this enlighten you to the work you would like to do- and what you would not like to do?

Movement Exercise:

  1. Take out your frustrations paper in the previous exercise, and now that you’ve opened your imagination and heart, let it guide you to all the possible wild answers to your problems.  Have no fear nor hesitation in the responses, let them flow through you.  Let them expand you.  Let the answers be beyond you.
  2. Once you write down a visionary response, you can begin to use your logical mind to connect the dots, allowing the creative to become possible.

How do you feel?  Did this clear anything up for you?

Keep both of these papers in a new file for the new you, they are important to building your foundations.

Rule #2. Imagine Imagine Imagine!


Wake up being a 6/7 figure entrepreneur.  How do you behave?  How do you speak and to whom?  What is your morning routine?  Use your imagination

Tools Learnt

Imagination as a problem solving tool

Facing fears and solving problems by writing them out, and allowing imagination to take route

Share your experiences below~

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