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Business Startup Workshop

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Hello my friends!

This is an open invitation to join the Business Start-up Workshop to expand your businesses, share advice, and become better.

More often than not, we have several key ingredients necessary to create the business we desire, whether its modeling, counseling, creating, or serving food.  However, we don’t always know all the steps to take, and joining a conscious community taking steps towards creating new businesses, and making better businesses- is a sure way to grow, get better, and become a leader in your industry.

Business Start-up Workshop


  1. Start your business confidently
  2. Create infrastructures for success
  3. Get clients, MAKE MONEY
  4. Expand


Internal Mind Work

  1. Breaking ourselves
  2. Knowing ourselves
  3. Expanding ourselves

Spiritual Work

  1. Recognizing our desires
  2. Wearing our skin
  3. Vibrating


  1. Deleting excess muck and drawback
  2. Finding and aligning with leaders
  3. Expressing ourselves with our people


  1. Understanding Infrastructures
  2. Implementing tools for success
  3. Incorporating, IRS, and non-profits

and Bonus

  1. Understanding creativity
  2. Marketing
  3. Openness to continually grow


Sign up to join this free workshop, and start your business now, get additional free tools in your business, and group help.

Join the Business Start-up Workshop’s today!

Continue to Class 1: Imagination & Fear

Continue to Class 2: Organization and Clarity


Join Expanding Business Workshop Here


Author: Filiz

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