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400 Ways to Improve: Possibility of Change



Opening our hearts to the possibility of change is sometimes a very scary thing to do.

We do not even realize that it is the fear of change that is holding us back, it is simply a feeling of hate, sadness, anger, and dissatisfaction.

This feeling does nothing but hold you back. It is paramount that you recognize that. As soon as you realize that, you can change your state of mind and move beyond it.

Although the circumstances may be different, the solution is nearly always the same. You must change your mind frame to recognize what it is that you actually desire. Once you have set your sights on your desire you can begin a path towards it and take actions to change your actions!

It is key to understand that the only thing that you can actually change is yourself. Use the tools, skills, and weapons that you have. Perfect the things that are in your power, forget the things that are not.

Be counterintuitive. If a certain situation normally makes you extremely angry, take a pause, reset your emotions, and suddenly confront the situation in a pacifying and a peaceful way always keeping in mind what it is that you actually desire.

When dealing with people, and desiring change for people you must understand that changing another person is not in your power. The most powerful form of influence that you can have is changing yourself. If you desire to be in a more loving, communicative relationship, you must act that way and set the standards; because, what you must understand is you cannot expect someone to do something that they do not know how to do. You must teach them through your actions.

If someone’s level of success, has you upset. You must be successful so you can show them how to do it!

Enroll help. This means that if you are having trouble in a certain area of your relationship, life, career etc. you must find resources that has answers. All the answers are not within! We live in an international community and there are endless amounts of free resources that you can tap into and need to tap in to.

Face it, if you knew the answers, you would not be in the situation you are in. And it is not a weakness to recognize that, but it is strength because once you recognize it, you can change it.

A good question to ask is if I was in a different career, relationship, situation, etc, would I react the same at this point? Would I have the same problems? Have I had the same problems before in the past?

And if the honest answer is yes then you have begun to understand that the problem lies in you.

This is a good thing. Because once you recognize it, you can change it.

Once you find resources online or in person, make sure that you find something that you are enrolled in either once a day or several times a week. Change takes practice. It’s learning something new or relearning it.

Good luck

Remember, it takes a much bigger person to change


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3 thoughts on “400 Ways to Improve: Possibility of Change

  1. Yep. Don’t expect the world around you to change because you might find yourself waiting forever. The only way to change ANYTHING is changing/improving yourself. Agreed. : )

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