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Heat Island Effect

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Perhaps a term that is familiar to you, heat island effect is the process of an area heating to extreme temperatures due to concrete, buildings, and other surfaces absorb and reflect heat.

The heat island effect is very apparent in cities such as Phoenix, Arizona. Although the desert does reach high temperatures during the day, normally the nighttime temperatures are drastically cooler. This is apparent if you drive outside of the city of Phoenix. However, due to the large-scale construction, concrete, and asphalt, Phoenix absorbs and retains the majority of the heat it receives during the day.

Phoenix is not the only city that suffers from the heat island effect.

If the heat island effect is not addressed temperatures will keep rising due to human growth. Luckily, it is easily combated.

Some of the ways you can combat heat island effect:

• Cover the roof of corporate, or residential, buildings with greenery. Some examples of this can be gardens where employees can take a nice break or if there are restaurants in the building you can grow your own crops. Or simply grass!

• Reduce concrete/stone in your front and backyard. Cover with grass, greenery, or even dirt.

Not only is reducing the causes of the heat island effect beneficial to the city you live in, it is also beneficial to your pocketbook. Reducing the heat island effect in your home can reduce your cooling costs drastically and in corporate buildings this means drastic savings!

Check out the EPA’s charts and info
Heat island effect


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One thought on “Heat Island Effect

  1. Excellent post. You can cover walls (inside and out) with greenery, too!

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