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Living in Bismarck ND



In dreams and memories we exist as floating cells dividing and multiplying as time procreates. As we sit in our spheres floating about, we try to head in some sort of direction, with unseen bondages pulling us about. Our Intentions, life’s intentions, our friends and family…

When was the last time you did something that made you feel truly utterly uncomfortable? As uncomfortable as being thrown in a pool when you can’t swim yet?

What was the outcome? Did you learn how to swim? …

This most recent journey I have been forcefully dragged into, has burst my not progressive, yet comfortable, bubble.

I took three connecting flights from Miami to New York to Minneapolis to Bismarck ND- talk about a change of scenery!

I had every reason not to go. My friends, family, and brand new business is in Phoenix. How can I leave a business I just started and invested in, and one that has clients. To sweeten the deal, The city is also tiny- 100,000 people. Phoenix has 4.3 million people. Seriously?

Furthermore, the weather. I’ve lived in deserts my whole life and here I’m moving to a place where there are blizzards- I don’t even own a “real” jacket! Lol! I hate the cold…

Perhaps worse of all… Pitbulls are banned in Bismarck. How can it get worse?

My poor baby Zaigon. If you know me you know I would never leave my dogs, and here I was with no other choice. I’ve have my dogs for close to 12 years. How can the whole city ban pitbulls?!

I cannot explain the disdain I had for this city before even setting foot here. The night prior to being shipped out I had more than second thoughts I had plans on either staying in Mia or even New York! What would I do? I don’t know but I didn’t want to go to. Like a little kid. I just didn’t want to go.

But I want to be with my family, my man and truth be told I clearly didn’t have a choice financially. Clearly, I had to go.

Once I arrived here I began to see things differently. Would my dog not to do the same to save his pups! What sacrifices had my grandparents made for my parents to survive?

I had to tell myself to Stop Hiding behind lame excuses. Cultural excuses. Illusions. The path to success means you have to go up and beyond what makes you comfortable, want you like. It means tearing down and refurnishing your innards, and you may find extreme success.

Yes my man is wonderful and I am thankful for him taking me out of my shell-

Now, We have a beautiful home, the scenery is gorgeous and the weather is in the 80s.

We don’t have to struggle, no were thriving and that in it self gives me capability to expand my business to new heights.

There is growth.

There are hiring signs throughout Bismarck, and the people here are very friendly.

I am so thankful for this opportunity to grow.

What excuses hold you back? What are you deathly afraid to do that might change your life, values, and views?



Author: Filiz

Growth, spirituality, science, philosophy!

2 thoughts on “Living in Bismarck ND

  1. Nicely said Feliz! Those are truly words of wisdom. It’s always best to try something new, even if it’s not in your wishes. I’m happy that you three are doing well! Miss you guys a bunch.


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