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Traveling to Miami

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I am currently on the road in Arkansas heading to Miami, FL.

It has been a trip with internal turmoil prior to even leaving my hometown of Phoenix, AZ.

Life has indefinite lessons to teach us and as a human I have succumb to fear and desperation. Once this occurs you become small minded and every task seems like an insurmountable task.

Your vision of what could be disappears and your fears and stresses appear.

The key I have found to being able to breathe at all is letting go of the enormous stresses that bear down on my shoulders which I have no control over. That, being said, is very difficult.

This is indeed a dark time in my life, however, opportunities surround me. I must let go of my fears if I am to move forward in life. I have not a clue what next week has in store for me, however, I know I must relinquish the uncontrolable.

As I drove out of Phoenix a massive weight was lifted from my shoulders, one of dust, homes, pressure, desires, and desperation. The simple breath of recession. Although I am still plagued by mountainous uncertainties I must petal forward, and create space in my mind and heart so that new growth may occur.

Much love to you,
Filiz aka Solee

How do you feel in your life?

Have you ever experienced a similar situation and how did you get through it?


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