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Here at Exquisite Living we specialize in customized landscaping packages that provides a living community for your backyard. It is our goal to create a thriving community full of life.

We mimic nature. This means that your yard will have minimal upkeep from you because in nature the critters mow the lawn!

Envision an area where there are big beautiful and bountiful trees adorning your yard, and nestled in the shade of the tree vegetables grow vigorously. The fruit from the trees fertilize the soil, and the earthworms condition it. Walking below it all is the lucky tortoise, care taking of the excess and benefiting all.

Our landscaping provides a winning situation for all. We create habitats for life, shade, beauty and food for you; and all the while the fruits and greenery save you money.

Any species of vegetables or fruits you choose will be so abundant as to not require you to ever purchase them again. The increased greenery will reduce your heating costs, and here in Phoenix, what a blessing that is!

All landscaping has a year warranty from install.

Our packages include:

Dove’s Delight – $1200

A beautiful custom landscaped backyard, flowing with positive energy and space. Four fruit trees decorating the space surrounded by six pairs of vegetables. Shrubbery and Dove included, if desired.

Temple of Tortoise – $3500

A Yin and Yang garden teeming with life! Below your feet you will find the lucky tortoise (optional)! Filled with 8 fruitful trees, 20 vegetables, and 10 herbs. This includes a drip system, shade, and misters for cooling off on a hot day.

Peacock Bay – $7500

A truly exquisite design! The flow of this Garden is akin to meditation. 10 trees bearing fruit, 2 large additional shade trees, 25 vegetables of choice, herbs, shrubs, misters to keep you and the plants cool. Custom drip line system.

As based on our philosophy, this package includes a dehydrator, a juicer, and jars for extra vegetables and fruits. A compost bin indoors and outdoors for fertilization of your soil and a recycling set up. Recipe books for all the equipment and instructions will be included.

Fall in love with your space of creation and tranquility.

– – –

As with any package, customization options exist such as gazebos, sheds, or other features. Lighting and stone ware is also available at your request. All additional features may require an extra charge.

We can also create a space for any pet that you may have, this is one of our specialties! From dogs to iguanas to hybrids we do all!

Call us today to set up an appointment for your space. All quotes are free

Thank you for your commitment to our environment



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  1. This sounds like a dream. : ) I better start saving money!

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