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Invisible enemy

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If a dog has been abused, everyone can look at the dog and see what has caused its abuse. You can see how the dog’s current living circumstances no longer warrant the fear it’s abusive circumstance caused.

Meaning, if a dog has been beaten by men and the dog has been rescued, it no longer needs to fear men.

However, this easy logic isn’t always so easy nor apparent to the dog; neither is it so apparent to us!

Sometimes in life you will look at the bad things that happened to you and you will be continuing to run from them as if you are still under its control. But just like a dog that needs to step up to be a sled leader he needs to first let go of what happened to him and realize there is no longer an iron force, there is no longer a restraint, There is no invisible enemy.

May you live in peace and harmony,
Filiz “Solee Starr” Dolar

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