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An Evolvere’s Dream Green House

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Primitive housing with four walls and a grip load of problems will be a thing of the past. Our homes are where we reside and are of paramount importance. The house should support you and your family to the fullest. Your house should provide you with the single most important thing, independence. The ability to sustain you and your family alone.

It is of great importance that you own your own home as soon as you can and never compromise it. A home with a home owners association will never allow you to maximize your existence.

These are goals we strive for and with the right linkup of people these goals will be easy. This is the future of housing, based on prehistoric concepts.

The house should provide enough food to sustain the family. It shall be energy efficient and harness it’s own power from the sun and other sources. All water will be recycled and put back in the home. The need for corporate or governmental assistance or products should be as close to zero as possible. These measures will save us a tremendous amount of money and thus time. It should be possible to live off your land….

Envision, walls made with vines crawling up, on the inside. Insulation Maximized and where possible, there are trees instead of walls.

A garden suitable to feed the residing family grows within or outdoors with automated watering systems. All water is conserved through smart toilets, faucets, and showers. The water that is run through is caught and cleaned and brought right back into the residence. All this is done on site. Rain water is caught and utilized. Waste Water is distributed to the plants. Capillary action distributes water through-out the house.

Sunshine illuminates the house and powers it. A compost or collection of certain insects processes organic waste rather than have it fill our dumps. This in turn provides nutrients to the plants.

Plants surround and fill the house to clean the air, lower the temperature, and provide living quarters to birds outside.

Plants on the roof of the house, known as green roofs, can drastically reduce the temperature within, improve air quality, and fight the heat island effect. To quote:

Studies have found that green roofs have reduced indoor temperatures by 3 to 4 degrees Celsius under summer conditions (25 to 30 degrees Celsius)


I’m sure in hot places such as Arizona, Texas, and others the affects would be greater. In rainy residences green roofs reduce water run off by as much as 100%!

Our homes should be the divine places we desire, filled with life, positive energy, efficiency, and the ability to cradle and support us as living beings. Subscribe so you can become part of the movement for change and betterment. No more politics, lies, or waste, our time to create is now.


Author: Filiz

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