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What is Time?


Time is such a mysterious thing it blows my mind. There are somethings that we can define about time.

1. It is effected by gravity. – Black holes, our planet

2. It is relative.

3. It exists within space, it creates space itself, or it is created by space.

4. It can be destroyed? – Black holes have no time.

5. We cannot see, hear, nor taste time. Perhaps feel.

6. NOTHING can exist without time.

Important Questions-

1. Where does time exist? In what realm?

2. Is it a particle? A wave? Combination or something entirely different???

3. If time is relative to each species, is it ‘absorbed’ through the brain? Or… do we emit time or interact with it in some way?????

Time. Some argue that it is completely made up and defined in the human culture. However, that cannot be, for without time nothing would exist. All would be overlapping. Life would cease to be, all processes would overlap.

Some scientists believe time is an essence seeping through from a parallel universe. It is an interesting concept although difficult to comprehend.

The greatest factor in helping us understand time is understanding it’s form. However we can deduct information through indirect evidence for the meantime.

An interesting concept to consider is when an individual is able to foresee an event in the future. How is this information able to be accessed? It may be completely unrelated- however; it does bring up the question- where does time exist at if it is able to be accessed in such a manner? The fact that some individuals can foresee events, no matter how minute, means that the mind and time have some sort or relationship, or if the brain is not responsible for receiving the information; we can at the least deduct the ability for the human to intimately experience time. This may seem obvious at first glance, however it leaves clues as to the nature of time.

Leading on with this little bit of information an extremely crude hypothesis is able to be deducted-one of a few hypothesise- Time is perceived within the mind.  Time is relative to age and the species.  An entity’s life will be considered as a percentage, each species lives 100%, the only variance is the number attached to the 100% as in, 100 years for a tortoise is 100%, 20 years is 100% for a chihuahua and 80 years is 100% for a human, as an example.   In order for a species to function, it’s time must be fully accessible to it, as in, a creature that lives 24 hours cannot have a perception of time as we humans do.

  • Therefore, the speed of time is not consistent.

The mind is able to manipulate time- stretch it or shrink it in some manner.

All living things percieve time, All things are affected by time

Regardless of how, life is able to experience time and distort it.  The distortion is evident when a species is young, you may for example, consider when you were in your youth or preteen years.  A year seemed to be much longer than a year’s length when you are older.  When a baby is born, it’s time is much faster than an adults, rather, it’s working through time is faster this leads me to a new thought—

Time is a sense.  Time is the 6th sense.

because… Time affects all creatures, we are able to bodily manipluate it, making it relative to age.  When a human is a baby, it is able to go through time for it personally at a much faster rate.  Creatures whose lives are but hours travel through it at slower paces.  Time is percieved.  There is most likely a receptor on the brain or a cellular response to time where it is crunched or worked with.  However, it is clearly a sense that we must live with.


Another relationship to consider is time and space; hence the term space-time.

Time cannot exist without space, yet space may be able to exist without time.  A manner in which I can understand time is imagining a 3D black box.  Time is like a worm tunneling through the box, and as it moves, it creates space.  Another factor to consider is how black holes play a role in time manipulation.  A black hole destroys all, and as you near a black hole, time slows down, and possibly ceases to exist, matter does also not exist in a black hole, neither does space.

This brings me to another theory- Time creates space.

  • Time is not consistent
  • Time is sensed and able to be manipulated biologically
  • Time creates space (?theory?)
  • Gravity Affects time
  • Speed Affects time

If you are in Earth’s orbit, time will travel slower for you compared to the people on Earth.

If you are on Earth traveling in a train near the speed of light, time will be slower for you compared to the non-travelers on Earth.

Being affected by gravity, time must have a mass.  It must be large enough to be affected by planetary gravity, yet small enough that it does not become a time mass when being centrifuged.


  • Time is not consistent
  • Time is sensed and able to be manipulated biologically
  • Time affects all objects whether concious, living, or not.
  • Time creates space (?theory?)
  • Gravity Affects time
  • Time must have a mass
  • Speed Affects time

Let’s add a last interesting thought. Remember the people out there, who have accurately, multiple times, known what future events will hold?  You may even know a person who has done as such, or been one yourself…

Perhaps time exists in a realm overlapping our reality, which we are able to access in some way.  Time could also be the transportation of matter through different points of space which seem seamless to us, yet it is actually staggered.  Our minds could sew the experience together.  A person’s ability to access events in the future may be evidence that they are able to transport thoughts or part of their minds prior the transportation of the rest of the realm.  If time is an act of travel, like the worm in the black box, this would explain it being affected by gravity and speed.  Also how time does not exist in black holes.

Every moment is an individual reality created.  As we spur through existence, there is one fact that we know for sure, there are far more question out there than answers, and we will never reach a point of knowing all.


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  1. Is this Quantum or Meta Physics?

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