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The Problems:
  • We are wasting our minds with continued effort into the so called rat race.
  • Generation after generation we do the same thing- provide our work into a force that produces no cumulative results- AKA eat, sleep, work
  • We need to cultivate our greatest asset- our minds.
We Should:
  • Explore space
  • Explore reality
  • Explore spirituality- scientifically.

We should no longer keep exerting tremendous effort while receiving diminished results. We are about more than just a paycheck. We are humans with great minds. We have exciting potential, terrific imagination, and compassion.

Keep your spirits in tact have faith
Learn as much as you can, expand your knowledge
Live in the fruit of today with passion and peace
Strive for greatness
Keep faith in yourself and for living kind

With your heart open, and your mind reeling, move in the direction which the stream of life flows to you to as. Keep faith close to your heart and surround yourself with allies and companions.

May there always be love in your life, it is the cornerstone to happiness and fulfillment. Be persistent in your endeavors and be flexible when life suggests another path. If you find happiness fleeting restore yourself with the reserve of love surrounding us in nature. Fill yourself up with the juices of life while in full abandonment of restrain.

May peace be with you and may turmoil excite you.

My love to you all,


Author: Filiz

Growth, spirituality, science, philosophy!

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