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Happiness and Pleasure

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As I study Principles of Mediation by Christina Feldman, I came across some interesting statements from the book, interesting concepts to say the least.

It is regarding Happiness and Pleasure.  To me, previously, the two were essentially the same, however, after contemplating, I see the big difference between the two.  Here’s a paragraph from her book that I would like to share:

“Frequently in our lives we have attempted to find solutions to these conflicts and find happiness through avoiding challenging situations or endeavoring to create a ‘perfect’ world for ourselves where there is an absence of the disturbing, challenging or unpleasant.  Or we endlessly endeavor to find happiness and peace through attempting to satisfy every desire that arises– more things, more achievements, more experiences…

Our lives will always be a blend of the delightful and challenging, the pleasant and the unpleasant, flattering and disturbing encounters, health and sickness”


The driving point for me is~

You can be happy even in unfortunate situations.

Pleasure is a temporary sensation, like eating chocolate.


It’s a mind state of understanding the nature of life, cycles, and time that will enable you to stay happy during hard times.  If you remember that within the face of years you may not even remember the current situation, and if you remember that great times will come forth, regardless of the tragedy you are facing, it becomes easier to bare.  Not only is it easier to bare, but it is gives you a perspective to be able to actually enjoy difficult situations as you may begin seeing them as pop quizes or tests rather than someone bearing down on your being.

It is importat to understand the nature of the cycle of good and bad situations, for regardless of your wealth, status, living conditions, you will experience them both.  And becoming an active part of your life, living to your fullest ability by personifiying who you are in those situations (in every situation), make everthing a little more fun and you make even experience happiness through your struggles.

If you are having a hard time imagining happiness during struggle consider this- A person working out in the gym struggles but they may also be having a good time, and if you are listening to music you love, you are also personifying your struggle- making it your own.


Keep life in perspective, my dear family!


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