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I am the author of this life.  I decide My Legacy, My Life.  I hope that you are conciously deciding yours.

This space is dedicated to the time I spent exploring my inner world.  To the time I spent meditating, dreaming, thinking, and thinking some more.

This is dedicated to the lucid dreams I’ve had.  To the visions I’ve seen, to the “voices” I’ve heard.  To the messages that turned out to be real.

This is dedicated, to me.

Am I crazy?

Maybe, but I don’t have time to contemplate that.  I choose to live in the now, in the Go as much as I can and let history write in the rest.

I choose to live free- Spiritually, emotionally

I choose to share

I choose to live Wildly.

W H Y ? !

Why is this space dedicated to “The Evolved”?

Because I think as Humans we need to use our most powerful asset- our minds.

Society and Governments, Conditions, hold back our development.  Our minds can soar to envision circumstances that won’t be a reality until the year 3,000.  I want to quicken that process.  And Together we can.


I ultimately believe that if learn how to live together, as we are, yet operate independently-  Grow our own food, recycle our water, use efficient solar power, own our own homes- we will be taking enormous steps to growing our society to be about more than just mere survival.

To be About the Expansion of Thought, Exploring Reality, Exploring Space, Demonstrating our Physical Capabilities, Creating Beauty

These are the things we should be about as Humans! Not about Oil, Gas, or Healthcare plans.  Those things are mainly common sense, we are so much more than that, it’s time to wake up.


Once we Secure our own survival, we can come together and create organizations, unities, families, and groups dedicated to advancement

Organizations uniting people from all around the world.

Organizations uniting people for common, advanced, goals

Organizations made possible through today’s technology.

We have to Change our Spirituality.

…………….S P I R I T U A L I T Y…………

It’s so confusing today!  People Claim they are Christians while practicing no faith.  People are Lost.

Science did not destroy Religion, Science IS Religion.

Science is a mere word we use to describe the process we use to understand something.  And regarding spirituality- it is much deeper than we imagined.

Our Planet is 4.6 Billion years old. We breath the air dinosaurs breathed.  – That’s Spiritual

Our planet is alive.  Life is always living! Meaning- Life springs from life!That’s Spiritual

The Big Bang- We all came from the same origins!That’s Spiritual

There is so, so much to learn in this life, it’s time we explore it.  It’s time to explore our spiritual side, expansively.


Author: Filiz

Growth, spirituality, science, philosophy!

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