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Planet Earth – Changes in Energy

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Perhaps you have felt it too.  There is recently a change in the energy around us.  Our planet is pulsating with the energy  and wisdom of the past.  Each breathe we take is reminisint from the dinosaurs to the creation of our planet, what an astounding fact.

These energies are currently surrounding us, making transformation easier.  It is accessible with greater ease.

Take this time in your life to feel the planet, she is our creator, our nurturer, our home.  With each beat of your heart, know that you belong here with all of life on this beautiful planet.  Here, we share life.

Within an energetic realm exists knowledge that is accessible.  Bring yourself to a place of calm and peace, beathe deeply, stretch, acknowledge the planet and all its inhabitants, expand to the actuality of the universe and its immense exsistence and delve into this source.

Connect with us.  Find information for your path in life.  Know that you are contributing back to it as well.

What ever it is that you wish to receive, it is best to give that back first, and see how you feel.

–Today, and for the time being while this energy is forefront, I encourage you to live in your full spirit.  In other words, be your complete self.

I personally, will be deepening my faith and taking everything a day at a time.  And Although at times I wish I could excel my progress, I forgo those feelings of impatience and enjoy life with the flow of the rivers of time, and swim with the energetic shifts.


Filiz AKA Solee

PS~ Enjoy this Video of our planet from the International Space Station


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