Filiz Dolar

Love 4 ur Life

In anger and Ra…

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In anger and Rage, and age we sit. Aware of our roles as but mice in the scheme. Manipulators surround us, enforce us , enclose us. Rewards set before us. We deplore us. Anger, sadness, wishfulness.

Attempting to climb a steep mountain as but an ant. We climb but we are not alone. Perhaps if we are joined together our voices will carry our song, a song of life and prosperity, a song of independence. Perhaps if we walk together we can be seen? We can march reality into our dream.

If one of us should perish we cannot fall. We must live for the dreams and visions of us all. We are all captains, we are all soldiers, warriors of the walks of life, around the globe in this fight.

Fight for our minds, fight for our rights, fight for freedom, and fight for LiFe.


Author: Filiz

Growth, spirituality, science, philosophy!

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