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Use our Parks for Endangered Species

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Our landscape is quickly changing from a once lush planet to a barren concrete jungle with wild animals ranging from the pigeon to the rat, both most noble members of the animal kingdom.

If we want to address reality today, we have to look at the world as it truly is.  Our climate is already changing, the ice is already melting.  The effects are already taking place as we can see when we turn on the weather channel.  These changes are having devastating effects on the inhabitants of our planet.  We are on the brink of another mass extinction.

A Mass Extinction.

We are so secluded we forget what other species look like, we forget that we can learn from them, gain peace from, and the fact that they are our brothers.

Do we want to live in a lonely world?

The choices we face are not pretty but we have to make decisions based on today.  It is unfortunate but it is reality.  We can no longer believe that we can live in one location and have a lush park or field in another location.  We must live together like we used to.  What does that mean in a practical application?

Let us use what we have.

We inhabit the world, all sorts of climates and regions, this is, for once, an advantage.  Wherever we are, we also have parks where we can walk our dogs and our children can play in.  It is time we utilize those parks to the fullest degree.  This is something we need to do-

Integrate animals back into parks.

We have parks we need to use them.  This is not an option at the end of the day.  If an endangered species can live in your park’s climate, let us put them back in there.  Let us repopulate the parks with animals!  Fancy neighborhoods can pay extra and securely fence off a certain section of the park and hold endangered predators.  For the rest of us we’ll have regular fencing when necessary.

It’s win-win for everyone.

  1. We can increase endangered species’ numbers
  2. We can enjoy animals in nature again!
  3. Parks would get increased visitors
  4. It would be a great opportunity to get increased funds for parks from visitors- Donate and Feed the Animals, Donate and See Animals with TourGuide, etc

If you are in a position capability please consider implementing this Project Idea.

-BTW-This would be used with natural habitat protection


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