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Controversial Idea of How to Save Endangered Species


Imagine the mighty white polar bears, the great intelligent wolves, and the stunningly noble lions no longer on the verge of extinction.  In fact, their numbers are finally flourishing everywhere!  How long have we waited for this victory?  And have we come across a simple solution that will finally work?  Yes.  But first, let’s take a hard look at the facts.  Humans are not going anywhere.  In fact, we have bigger problems than humans alone nowadays: Climate Change.  So even if we were out of the picture, the ice is still melting folks.  So where does this leave us?  Well, we can sit back and watch all the beautiful species of this planet disappear, leaving us with nothing but pigeons and puppies, or we can take a different approach to this problem.  Three words: Restorative Exotic Pets.  Yes, let’s keep those endangered species as one-hundred percent legally certified pets.  What does this mean?  This means that the species won’t go extinct.  This means that the numbers will increase.  This means that we will not lose these animals.

Look at man’s best friend.  They are legally protected from abuse.  There are shelters and rescues.  There are even animal cops.  Dogs hold a place of high honor in our society and maybe it’s time that they share that seat.  This is not a cheap solution; this is a realistic solution for our animal friends.  This is not saying that habitat protection should be stopped; this should work with habitat protection.  If our conservation specialists are only able to breed one or two of certain endangered species a year, it’s time to take a new and aggressive approach.  Do I like the fact that this is one of our only options left? No; but what I like even less is extinction, and it is definitely time to act.

This idea may seem crazy, but remember, not everyone would have endangered species as pets. Their homes would have to be supportive of them- no polar bears on the couch!- with space and habitat regulations, diet regulations, and Endangered Species Cops to ensure all is in order.

By golly! Those animals are dangerous!  Well, so were dogs once upon a time- and they still can be.  And of course there would be rules and regulations, but let’s face it.  This is a sure fire way of saving countless species, in fact, this will more than save them, it will allow them to flourish.  No, they will not be in their natural habitat, but when you look at the other option, do we really have a choice?  The solution may be controversial, but one thing is for sure, the polar bears won’t disappear from our planet anytime soon.  Besides, how cool would it be to have a pet polar bear?


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