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Raw Food Day 4 – More info & Updates


So Today is day 4 of my Raw Food Trial.

I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing juicy strawberries, smooth bananas, and salty salads!  Each meal is a pleasant surprise, intertwined with tastes, never dull never burnt never dehydrating.  Each meal flows with flavors bursting with color, they are so original that cooked food attempts to mimic them, falling dearly short. 

Man, bite into a juicy orange and tell me there is something else like it!  But it gets better.  After you consume to your hearts desire you have no feelings of guilt, and another other feelings are lacking- that of bloat, constipation, feeling overly stuffed.

Here’s one that might surprise you!  Eating raw makes you feel. Full. Imagine that!  Well look at it like this, you get more nutrients so your body doesn’t ask for more food.  I pity the man that eats and eats yet is still hungry! I have been there.

I don’t think I’m going back.  I feel sensational.  Energetic.  My skin, looks amazing!  After 30 days, I will post before and after pics.

There is quantitative data available for raw fans and I will share little tid bits, also, google Raw Diet/Raw Food.

Heres some food for thought:

  • You eat less because each meal is more nutritious
  • You don’t consume crazy ingredients, you know exactly what you are eating
  • Food does not sit in your intestines/stomach for prolong periods of time leading to reabsorption of toxins
  • Vitamins and Nutrients are destroyed when they are cooked
  • WTF is pasta anyway? That’s not really natural….
  • Your body evolved on raw food, and operates best off raw food.  Your body doesn’t come with a stove attached.
  • Your Waste Creates Life.

Todays Meals!

10 Bananas! 1200 Calories

Guacamole – 700 Calories

2 Banana Smoothies (3 teaspoons Raw Agave, 2 bananas, 1 cup almond milk) – 510 each, 1020 Calories

I am probably going to make a salad tonight too.  My temptations for eating cooked foods has greatly decreased.

*Remember– I started this trial from a staggered start.  Meaning- I started eating, trying to eat, all raw food about 10 days prior to this start date.  I still ate food when I was unable to resist, but that is why I did a staggered start date.  Therefore, if you are doing your own raw trial, your results may be different.  Usually there is a detox period the first week, I personally didn’t really experience this.  I did have some light headaches however and that has passed.

Something Interesting- Ever since this trial, when I go to sleep, I have a hard time waking up! I feel really tired and the first few days I had to pee a lot! I will see if this changes also.

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5 thoughts on “Raw Food Day 4 – More info & Updates

  1. Your information Helped me Thanks you Much

  2. “WTF is pasta anyway?” – lol! I tell you: pasta is something I used to love…but replaced with even better/yummier stuff! : )

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