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Raw Day 2

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Grapes and strawberries. 🙂

This morning I ate about 5 apples and 5 bananas and 1 pear.  I ate strawberries and grapes during lunch, and right now I’m about to make a strawberry banana smoothie, 10 strawberries and 1 banana.  and also eat 1 banana.

bananas = (120*7) 840

apples = (80*5) 400

pear = 96

strawberries = (12*4) 48

total = 1384.  I may still find something else to eat.

Today I had a real hard time not eating cooked foods, I did try a bit of pasta and sauce I made for my family however, so technically it wasn’t 100% today 😦  Immediately after eating the bite my stomach started aching, I think that the stomach acids get used to the raw food and cooked foods throw it off, because.. it hurts. lol.

Raw Food.  Everything is so juicy and full of water.  The tastes are wonderful, as long as I’m eating I’m satisfied.  The bananas tames the sourness of the grapes, the strawberries are simply amazing.  As was the pear.  Each item of food tastes so delicious, the temptations strike when I’m not eating and because of being conditioned smells = food.  I know personally from becoming a vegetarian that this will change with time.  Eventually it won’t even smell good! 

Do I feel like I am depriving myself?  No.  I feel like I am treating myself to the best food I possibly can.  I can do things like stand up from the ground without my knees hurting… which I can’t ever remember doing, ever.  It is the small things that make a difference, I don’t have to drink as much water.  My lips aren’t cracking dry.  My stomach doesn’t ache.  My tongue isn’t swollen.  You don’t even notice that your tongue is swollen when your eating cooked regular foods, it’s the lack of it that will eventually cause you to notice it.  Think about when you eat a lot of salty chips or something similar.  So far I feel great, but I will say, that it is extremely hard to stick to the diet, and I am a bit apprehensive, a bit afraid. 

It is funny that eating ‘living foods’ is foreign to us.  That it causes us to be concerned whether or not we are being healthy.  However, this is the food our bodies evolved to run off of!  This is the paleolithic diet!! 

Our bodies are amazing, they have the capability to run off junk food.  I don’t deny this.  But I’m not just trying to blob by, I’m trying to be a smooth efficiently functioning being.  So far I feel as such, but I do think I will find even further rewards along my trial.

I’ll keep you posted.

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