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Raw Food for 30 Days


Hi Folk! =)

I’m officially going raw starting tomorrow for 30 days.  There are many reasons for this, I went raw for a week after the birth of my son for a while, and I felt so indescribably different, so energetic, so good, that I knew I had to do it again.

Followers of this diet call it a ‘living foods’ diet, and I know why.  Everything you eat is literally alive!

The basic logic. WTF is pasta anyway?

Ok lets be more scientific.

Protein denatures in heat.  Why would any nutrients remain in the food we eat after its heated?  In the lab, if we heat up thing it becomes sterile.

Nutrients will be in their natural, most available state to us when the food is eaten raw.

The stomach produces less acid when comsuming easily digestable foods = No Acid Reflux, Indigestion

Energy is more available – Your body spends less time digesting and breaking down the food, it can easily access the energy

Here is another question for you, what do you think happens when fertilizers, antibiotics, hormones, and pesticides get cooked… ?  Would be interesting to research.

I have also read that there is less lactic acid build up in your body on this ‘diet’.

As for other symptoms and feelings that I personally experienced while trying this diet:

More energy, extremely clear-headed-ness, no mood swings, more flexible, more stamina 😉 , calm, and all round feeling great and energetic!  It feels… Amazing!

Now as for the hard part- this diet is extremely difficult to stay on.  No Cook Foods.  No chips.  No pizza, no cookies, no pasta.  No fast food.

I was a vegetarian for 7/8 years and this diet is so so so so much harder, its incomparably harder, which is why I have done a staggered start.  That means I have already been going raw with little bites of cooked food here and there, but this will be officially day 1 of 30.

I challenge you to do this 30 day trial with me, and when things get tough, just tell yourself, it’s only for 30 days then you can eat what you want!

If you can’t do 30 days, try literally just one day, you will feel different.

Depending on the type of food that you are currently eating, if you go on this diet you probably will detox.  Crazy, detox from cooked food, think about that.

I believe that this diet is the best natural diet for us as humans.  Its millions of years of evolution and who can deny that?

I will post Day to Day updates on what I will eat, and how I will feel.  Tonight I ate pizza fyi 🙂 bon voyage Cooked Meals!

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