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The Human Conciousness is on the Internet


The entire Human Conciousness, is on the Internet.

If you can go online, then you know what it is to be human.

Our pain, our happiness.  Our diets, our planet, our thoughts, our discussions.

If an alien was to go online, they would understand exactly what a human is like.

Maybe they are already online and have done exactly that.

Each one of our impressions lives on the internet, we are immortal on here, at least until the domain expires.  Consider the insight a blog brings to the insight of the human mind.  Our art is online, photographs, paintings, etc.

The internet is a capsule of the human soul.  If the internet could freeze and remain as is in this period of time, it would depict all our thoughts, predictions, hopes and fears.  It would contain all the news of our era as well as of our past.  The internet evolves like the human does. 

The internet is a marvel of human engineering, it is phenomenal.

Check out: Internet Day, May 17

Do you think aliens have been online?


Author: Filiz

Growth, spirituality, science, philosophy!

4 thoughts on “The Human Conciousness is on the Internet

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