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What is the Distance between thoughts?


Space and distance are but mere illusions.  Consider:  What is the distance between two thoughts?  Our perception of the way that space exists is flawed.  All must occupy a similar space in some sort of currently unknown form of reality.

Try this experiment:

Wiggle your nose and toes and the same time.

The distance from your brain, which sends the signal, to your toes is much further than the distance to your nose.  Why is it that there is no delay? 

Why is there no delay when separated subatomic particles are separated and are forced to spin in opposite direction from its original spin- the other paired particle will instantaneously begin spinning opposite its direction.  How is that communication possible?

Where do thoughts take place?  In what realm?

What is the distance between two thoughts?

Where do thoughts exist?  For we know they do, and they must exist in some sort of form- yet in what realm?  Close your eyes and imagine Angelina Jolie.  You can picture her face.  You can travel in thoughts, smell, see, hear. 

The physicist says it is mere neurons firing.  Yet that is all we have to perceive reality.  Neurons firing.  Yet why is it that the how takes away from the magic of what it is?  Consider a computer’s motherboard and how it functions. 

Just neurons firing is just insulting.

Thoughts exist and are as real as reality.  The real and unreal.  The known and unknown.  Our mind can access them both. 

The mind can tune into the world and know it breathes the same breath.  It understands coming changes to the world much like it understands coming changes to its body.  The body is an extension of the world’s life forms.  The body is an extension, a limb, of the universe.  It is not a far fetch, it is a fact, if you take time out of the factor we come from one source. 

When we were conceived, it was a continuation of life.  Never did we cease to exist.  Life flows from life.  All is energetically charged.

Thoughts exist in a multitude of ways.  Thoughts singularly form our reality.  Thoughts define all.

Without thoughts, there is no reality.

Thoughts drive our actions and our perceptions.  Thoughts conclude outcomes, thoughts determine the way you get treated and what you will receive.  Your thoughts control your reality.  Control your thoughts and control your reality. 

Because without you, the world would really not exist anyway, right?


Author: Filiz

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