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Dan Dennett on Dangerous Memes

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Dan Dennet discusses the evolution of ideas. Look at thoughts and ideas from a fresh perspective. 

Ideas Evolve. Ideas Replicate.  Ideas Die.  Ideas can Destroy.

Thoughts get passed down from generation to generation, but they are also spread in books, schools, and places like the internet.  They evolve, things get added, things get taken away.

What about dangerous ideas, dangerous evolution?

A lot of ideas are beautiful.  Some are toxic.

Everything we do and say, no matter who we are, has an effect on people.  This can eventually lead to life and death situations. 

Memes are wiping out Cultures.  Languages…

Consider: We’re immune to stuff like Porn

Imagine living in a culture with no porn.  Where women cover themselves, and stuff like that (internet porn) doesn’t exist.  Can you imagine what this does to a people? That is a devastating blow to their culture, their way of life.  Perhaps an equivalent would be child pornography suddenly being available and okay online.  What do you think about that?

We have to be mindful about how our views affect others!

Food for thought:  Imagine the ideas that aliens might have that would blow our cultural wig!


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One thought on “Dan Dennett on Dangerous Memes

  1. You should checkout Susan Blackmore’s “The Meme Machine” – It’s a good book about the concept of memes and the possible evolution of such ideas. I wrote a paper on it during college, I think your bro and I had some conversations about it…very cool stuff.

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