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Solidarity and Silence in an Ocean of Sound

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In today’s world we are surrounded by a barrage of sound.  Spam, commercials, advertisements, snacks, food, fast food chains, competitions, music, drugs, sex, alcohol, endless demands, baby, and stress.

So. much. noise.

Everyday we battle to maintain our sanity.

To read a line, we must separate it.

Our society attacks our minds daily.  We must be in a continuously defensive stance.  It is time we changed that.

Take time out for peace of mind. Literally.  Turn off all the sounds.  Not just the TV.  Turn off the Playstation, the computer.  The noisy Light.  Turn everything off.  The street.

In an ocean of sound, a moment of silence.

Take time to have a Religious Homo Evolere Holiday~ a Day of Silence.

Put on headphones.  Observe the day in silence.

On: Monday, April 18th 2011


Author: Filiz

Growth, spirituality, science, philosophy!

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