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Are Students at ASU really learning?

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Are students at ASU really learning? – Classes holding up to 300 students?  Who understands the concepts and who is there just to pass?

I’m sitting in one of the only open spots left in class- I came in late.  There are probably about three hundred other students in this class; it’s a requirement to graduate and it provides multiple credits that I need, I guess these other students need them too.  It was also an interesting topic, an unnamed history class.  Here’s an interesting fact:

I passed the class and I cannot recall one detail about this time period.  Matter of fact.  I can’t even remember the class’ name! Wow.

I’m not going to talk S*** about the teacher or the class because one, I liked them both, and two, he’s probably required to teach massive classes.

However this brings up an interesting topic. 

Are we really learning at ASU, or is it just a way for them to get money, and for us to get a piece of paper?

How can an institution claim to educate its students with standards like this?  Futhermore, online graded quizzes or homework are easily solved with no effort through fraternities and sororities.  How much value is actually placed on education?  How many garbage classes do we have to take before we get into a classroom where we can actually learn information! 

Interestingly enough, ASU seems to find a reason to increase their tuition year after year.  We already have to pay for books, calculators, and other school supplies and ASU is talking about raising tuition AGAIN this year (2011)!

Tuition in 2011 is looking at over $9,000

In the work force, I have heard over and over again that ASU graduates are not ready to enter the workforce at least pertaining to the fields of biotechnology/science.  The associate graduates from Glendale Community College are more well equipped to enter the workforce!  And why is that? Their classes actually teach the subject, hands on.  Cultivating, expressing Alzheimer related genes in yeast, which we actually put there.  At ASU we are coloring papers with pH, wow.

It is my understanding that if you truly desire to educate yourself with information, you are better off doing research on your own.  Yes there are some gems at every institution, and those cannot be replaced.  But even they are under pressure to produce numbers. 

Quantity not Quality.

An individual student is lost at ASU.  There is no mentor or guide who truly cares about your successes or failures. 

One may argue that this is what you get at a major university, however, what is there to gain when they lose so many fascinating creative minds through this method.  There is nothing to gain but finances.

If you are considering attending ASU consider this:  Approach the school much like an online course.  You will not get any help, you will have to do things yourself, like staying invovled.  If you fall off track you will have to pick yourself up.

Consider this:

  • ASU accepts 90% of students
  • You have a 50% chance of not getting a degree in six years!
  • You have a 30% of graduating in four years.


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