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A Man’s Important Role in Raising a Family and Happiness

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In todays’ society, it seems the sexes are at war with one another.  Everything is always blamed on another person, and if anything ever gets tough, we jump ship. 

Because in the movies the flowers always smell dandy. 

Well as you probably already know, real life is not like that.  Each person in a family has an  irreplaceable role.  And although we women have an equally enormous role in a family, this blog is not about us, it’s about men, and the unrealized power that they have.

Men, like us, set a standard.  It is his behaviors, his actions which will cement what is acceptable and what is not (even what is acceptable from you!).  Separate opinions in a family setting will create division, or simply inconsistency, invalidating both opinions; however, a man can, when united with his wife (or significant other) set the standard high.  This is a power we have as a family unite, when we work together!

What does that exactly mean? 

Are we going to strive to better ourselves, educate ourselves, reach for our goals and reach for the lifestyle we desire, or will we simply flounder at our circumstances.

A man waters the flowers which are his family. 

 A real man takes care of his family financially.  Through those actions, he will give his family the opportunity to advance in life.  It will be our role to nurture our family emotionally, mentally and physically, but it is through working with our men that we are able to.  Alone, for either parent, the pressure is too much, there are too many things to do and not enough time in the day!  But through our men’s high standards and through him providing the means, both of us are able to do our duty and are able to provide our children with a better future and opportunities we never dreamt of (until now!)

We set the standard for our children.  They mimic our behaviors, and we mimic our parents.  Most likely you will have to fight against what you learnt from your parents to create the lifestyle you wish for your children!  But today, we are grown and capable, the past will not hold us back and we will become new people, though painful the growth may be.

Without standards progress halts

Without a plan of progress, how can improvement occur?  It is very possible that through the daily stresses of life that a man or woman becomes swindled with the daily to-dos; unable to reach their head out of the water to create a clear, logistical plan.  But without a plan, progress halts and the family will float where they left off.  In fact, they will slowly drift backwards, for life is a constant battle.  {It may not be what you ultimately want to do, but get that year-long certificate for your children’s sake!  And so that you can have a little less stress, and yes you can do it, there is financial aid}

It is through the battle of daily life – procuring finances, nurturing the family, maintaining a game plan and remaining stress-free – that a family can reach a continual stream of genuine happiness.  It is through working through the quest of life together; understanding good and bad times will come, that we are able to live fulfilling lives. 

Fulfilling lives are not always happy everyday, it is a stream of happiness that comes from knowing that you are doing the best you can do every day! -and that brings happiness my friends!


The whole world rests on our shoulders.

They may say the world doesn’t revolve around you, but without you, the world wouldn’t exist- as far as you know!  Take amusement in the little things.  Looks at light reflecting off water.  Look at the sunshine.  Observe the way bubbles exist in a mere space of time, so beautiful and elegant, each individualistic.  Slow down.  Taste your food!  You are fighting to survive in this world so make sure that you take time to enjoy it.  And don’t try to be perfect, go with the flow!


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