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Why am I Depressed?

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There is a reason for depression, and it does not have anything to do with something being wrong with your brain.  How else can your body and mind tell you that you need to change something in your life?  Depression is a natural part of us.  We need it.  First to recognize the bright days, and secondly, for it to fuel us to change. 

If you find yourself in the dark abyss of depression, fret not.  Your normal.  These times will also pass, I promise you that on everything I love.  You are going through a struggle, a change, or perhaps you have to solider thru some unpleasant times.  I’m proud I’m effection by depression, this means I can still feel man. I am not one with the machine!

I’ve made it this far, I can make it out, and when I do, I will be stronger.  I will not hate myself for being weak, for weakness is unending, and my weakness is stronger than many people’s strengths.  It is what it is. 

I will take action to reduce the effects of depression. 

Maybe it’s time for change.  I will look into my life and see what needs changing.  I will take it a day at a time but I will take it on, and eventually, I will be where I want to be.

A baby does not learn to walk in a day or even a week. 

A baby is not weak if he falls, he is not weak if he cries. 

Sometimes I will give up.  Later I’ll be back on!

From one person to another, may these words be like sweet chamomile tea, soothing and calm, for your bruised and perhaps even tortured soul.

You are what you eat.  Eat a fresh juicy apple.  Bit into it, and close your eyes.  Let the flavors dance with your taste buds, feel the apple’s flesh break as you bite.  Eat nothing boxed.  Bananas, apples, oranges, strawberries, melons, – refresh your body.  Skip the soda, the more fresh and alive it is like an apple, the better.

Your Depressed.  Just understand, it’s normal.  You just feel like S***, don’t sugar coat it, just feel the feeling of being down.  Stop acting like your happy, or trying to force yourself to be.  I don’t know exactly why, but this step makes me feel better 🙂

Go outside.  Look at the expansive sky.  The clouds, the sun blazing in the sky.  The leaves on the trees swaying with the wind and the mountains stretching to touch the stars.

Go to a friend’s or family members house.  Or Call.  Listen to their problems.  Leave your situation at home.  All the drama (or boring-ness) at your friend’s house might make you happy that you only have to deal with what you’re dealing with!

Break up.  Say your sorry.  Or tell someone that you never want to talk to them again.  Is there something your itching to say to someone, maybe deep down?  Say it.  Too stressful to just say it?  Inside your mind just feel like your intoxicated, it’ll be a lot easier!

Suck it up.  You really, really, really, really, really, really, reeeaaally need a break but can’t get one.  That sucks.  And so should you, suck it up.  It’s no longer a task, duty, or something you have to do, it’s now like peeing, and you have to do it regardless of your mood.  So structure what you want to do around this new ‘have to do’ thing.  Accept it.  Love it.  Become one with it!

Ignore a phone call.   You really don’t need them in your life, and you don’t need to talk to them.  That’s a good start.

Pissed off?  Go for a walk.  Feel your feet hitting the ground, your breathing accelerate, the wind biting your face.  Look at the houses around you, and your neighbors car, and that weird neighbor who walks outside in booty shorts- Hope he doesn’t walk outside now… Go down that block you haven’t gone down.  Look at the clouds being swept by the wind. Now what was it you were mad at?

Don’t get ahead of yourself.  I know I know, I wanna be perfect too, but trying to do everything at once is ineffective and frustrating.  Just do one thing at a time.  Focus on what you’re doing at the time you’re doing it.  Don’t multitask.  Only wash dishes when you wash dishes.  Play with your baby when your playing with him.  Don’t text.  Don’t worry about next semester, who knows- the school might get sucked in a black hole and vanish into outer space!  And you were worrying for nothing.  You never know.  And you’ll get there eventually, trust that time will move on.

Whatever you do don’t take drugs for it.  This includes prescription drugs.  Remember.. it used to be normal to drill holes in people’s skulls to ‘treat’ mental illnesses.  Just my opinion, don’t sue me. 

The possible side effects of ‘prozac’ or ‘happy drugs’:

  • suicide (wtf right?)
  • anxiety
  • panic attacks
  • depression (?)
  • hostility
  • extreme mood alterations

-If you are constantly feeling depressed.  You need to move to a new environment.  Change your surroundings, the people you associate with.  Change your job, your hobbies, your life style.  Something is not right with your current lifestyle.  Move in the city, move out of the city.  Don’t let others tell you that you’re not normal, who are they to tell us what normal is.  They don’t even understand how the brain fully works.  We don’t even know a fraction of what reality is, perhaps your perception is different than mine, that doesn’t mean your wrong or need to be ‘fixed’.  Maybe your psychic.  Don’t let them give you drugs to alter your natural brain chemistry unless you’re a sociopath.  🙂

Remember, these pharmaceutical companies feed off your misery.  In 2006 they made $289 billion dollar profit, annually.  Imagine what they make now.  They don’t want you to get better, then they would make less money.  In fact, they want you on drugs that you will have to continue taking.  It’s a company that operates for profit, not to make you healthy.  Do not trust anyone or anything that tells you they know what is good for your well being when they are gaining a major profit off their “only this will work” cure.  Why would they want you to eat better and feel good when they can make billions of dollars off you taking drugs?  Thinnnnkkk about it.

Go change now.


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