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What is Having a Baby Like

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So many people wonder what it’s like to have a baby, and in truth, you cannot know until you have one, but maybe these descriptions can help you!  It is the most amazing experince ever!

Having a baby is like…

  • Winning the Lottery!
  • Bathing in Sunshine on the Beach
  • Feeling Fufilled
  • Wrestling an Aligator
  • Trying to Ignore a Rock Concert
  • Being Happier than you Imagined you could be!
  • Knowing your Heritage will go on
  • Being in Complete Love
  • Going Crazy!
  • Becoming a Student of Life again
  • Apperciating What you Know
  • Understanding How Hard Life Is!
  • Learning Endless Lessons…

If your expecting, enjoy every little moment of it.  I hope you understand the power and beauty that you have as a woman, to hold and create life.  It is the most spectacular experince, perhaps one of the few experinces in life that really, really count.

When you have and spend time with your baby, you learn so much.  There is so much wisdom to learn from situations, and when you slow down and spend time with your baby, you can actually recieve these little wisdoms.  Here are some I’d like to share with you, that I’ve learnt.

  • Just because your feet touch the ground, doesn’t mean you can walk
  • It takes time to learn how to do something right
  • As long as you stay positive you can do anything

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