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5 Toys Babies Love for $1.00

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Sometimes we as adults cast aside one dollar entertainment! But babies don’t 🙂  You will find that these dollar toys are just as fun for babies as expensive toys, but don’t believe me, try them out for yourself!

5. A Slinky.  The colors, the movement, your baby will be wowed! Bounce it right in front of his face, and try to let him catch it.  Have him hold an end as you walk off and hold the other, he’ll think its soooo coool 🙂 You can pick up a slinky for a buck at Michaels or probably a CVS.

4.  Finger Puppets.  I found these for also a dollar at Michaels, and thought, what the hell and used them as a stocking stuffer for my six month old, and guess what, he wouldn’t stop laughing.  I’m sure he was thinking something along the lines of “That’s not supposed to be there!  Where’s mommy’s finger!” lol.  He was cracking up, I loved it.  Now, not only can you shock your little one with a finger-dino, he can chew on it too!

 3.  Bubbles!  Whooaaa bubbles! A dollar at your local walmart or probably at CVS too.  This will sure put a stop to your baby’s activities as soon as they come out flying.  It’s good for practicing his tracking skills as well.  I think we love bubbles as much as babies do, they’re so cool.  Make sure you buy the non-toxic kind.

2.  Bell/Chimes.  They jingle, clang, are fun to chew and they’re sturdy!  A little bell is lots of fun to shake around and make number one billboard hits with.  Your baby is sure to love this dollar hit too!  Try using it during a fussy diaper change.  You can find them again at Walmart, and I’m sure at a lot of other locations.

1.  A Recorder.  This is one of my favorite toys, and my sons as well.  Stop crying, fussing, or just provide amusement for a buck!  A recorder (you know, those cheap plastic flutes) is something your sunny buns can chew on, swing around- watch out, if you get clunked it actually hurts- and try to blow into.  Not only that!  He can watch mommy or daddy play an amazing song too.  It’s great and the price is right! lol.  Make sure your little one doesn’t hit himself in the head, although my son doesn’t seem to mind when its the recorder.  Watch him try to blow in the recorder!  You can find one for a buck at good ol’ Walmart.

Now of course make sure none of the toys have small parts they can choke on, and that they are non-toxic.  I’d also clean them first 🙂 Have Fun and tell me if your baby approves!

Zaza Having Fun

Zaza Having Fun


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